Sourcing Services

Our hallmark is offering you the best selection and value, coupled with superior product support.

Tires can account for up to 25-30% of a mine’s operating costs, so ensuring you get the most from your tire investment is our priority.

Our sourcing and technical support services include:
  • Procurement & Logistics
  • Our specialists will make tire recommendations based on vehicle, site, benchmarks, and years of experience in the field. We can also make sure that procurement is in line with your seasonal site plans and manage your supply chain from start to finish.

  • TKPH Analysis
  • Every tire has a safe operational limit set by tire manufacturers to prevent dangerous tire failures. Using this ratings formula, we’ll assess your site and haul conditions to recommend the load, speed, and distance required for maximum productivity and safety.

  • Warranty Advice
  • It can help to have an independent expert assess suspected tire failures. We are happy to advise clients on any warranty attached to the products we source.


Sometimes, your business needs a jumpstart. Our consultancy services are designed to bring fresh efficiencies to every area of your large tire operation.

To a Kal Tire consultant, tires play a critical role in a highly integrated, multi-million dollar production process. Break or slow down that chain, and the entire operation can grind to a halt instantly. We’ve managed large tire operations around the world for a range of industries. Our passion is bringing that expertise directly to your site.

Conducted on-site, our consultancy services include:


from tire workshops to load areas: solutions to optimize safety, productivity, or cost-reduction. Learn more about our analysis & reporting.


improve repairs and maintenance, tire workshop design, and safety procedures. Learn more about our training programs.


custom-made options for tire-handling, fitting, and mobile workshops. Learn more about our equipment and design.


cutting-edge software and mobile units to manage your tire operations and monitor performance. Learn more about our tire pressure monitoring system.

We send only fully trained and experienced specialists to your site.