Analysis & Reporting

At Kal Tire, productivity is a science. With real time data, our specialists have developed an array of sophisticated analytical tools proven to deliver measurable cost-savings and other key performance indicators.

Tire Management System

What gets measured gets done. Designed as a multi-user data-hub, a tire management system is essential for both effective daily operations and long-term decision-making. We can provide our own proprietary system or use any commercially available software.

Tracking Capabilities Include:
  • Demand Forecasting & Stock Management
  • Tread Monitoring
  • Tire Performance & Benchmarking
  • Tire Failure Analysis
  • Wheel Rim Tracking

Tire Reports & Site Studies

Accurate knowledge of tire performance is key to reducing tire costs and improving mine efficiency. Our team members can also optimize numerous site conditions to increase tire performance, productivity, and safety.

Daily & Monthly Reports

track stats for tires and personnel; get continuous improvement strategies.

Tire Benchmarking

compare cost-benefits across tire brands, vehicle type, etc.

Heat & Weight Studies

receive vital updates on TKPH and set correct inflation pressures.

Site Severity Study

a complete assessment of every zone that your trucks travel.

Road Analysis & Design

measure speeds, position, forces, and elevation using V Box technology.

Load Area Optimization

reduce load times, tire stress, and increase safety.

Payload Monitoring

increase tire life and reduce damage and spillage.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

True Tire Technology ™ is Kal Tire’s tire pressure monitoring system. This revolutionary technology is designed to keep an entire fleet of trucks operating at peak performance. Completely wireless, it gives a range of real-time data proven to prolong tire life, increase fuel efficiency, enhance safety, and reduce operational costs. No guesswork, no risks, and no problems.

Built to Save

An under-inflated tire working under heavy conditions can quickly reach an overheated state. That can severely reduce the life of your tires and increase the risk of disasters. Constant monitoring means you can head off problems before they arise, saving your operation time and money.

How it Works

We place pressure and temperature sensors inside the tire to monitor contained air temperature and pressure. Data is available in real time and can be transmitted to a dispatcher, cab operator, handheld unit, or station receiver anywhere in the world. Cab-based alarms can alert drivers to potential disasters.

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Kal Tire Value

The Value of Kal Tire’s Pressure Accuracy

If not monitored correctly, tire pressure can compromise truck performance and safety, costing you valuable time and money. Our tire pressure maintenance program saves you significantly by combining manual service with True Tire Technology ™, our wireless tire telemetry system, built to reduce tire-related downtime and extend tire life.

Proactive Maintenance

Running your fleet 24 hours a day requires a complete maintenance plan that’s proactive and doesn’t waste a second.
With hundreds of thousands of dollars invested in the tires that move your vehicle fleet, you can’t afford to replace them at the first sign of wear. That’s why we’ve designed preventative maintenance routines that keep your fleet moving. Maintenance is strategically scheduled in conjunction with mine site management to prevent safety hazards and avoid vehicle downtime.

Tire Maintenance Rotations & Repairs

Our technicians are trained to recognize tire damage modes in order to repair them at the earliest possible moment.

Casing Management

We regularly monitor tire casings, so that removal and retreading can be scheduled before the treads are worn off and casings damaged.

Chain Maintenance

Our technicians have been trained by RUD Group, the world's foremost producer of tire chains.

Rim Maintenance & Refurbishment

All wheels on-site are tested using magnetic particle inspection (MPI) to prevent catastrophic wheel failure.


It’s simple: when you invest in a trained workforce, you’re investing in mine productivity. With training from Kal Tire, tire personnel can recognize issues before they become irreparable and expensive. On-site training also reduces injuries and breakdowns, which means your operation doesn’t have to stop for avoidable errors.

We specialize in on-site training and continuing education for every role on the tire service team. We partner with world-class manufacturers to offer accredited courses, and our safety procedures have set the bar for tire service in the international mining industry.

Kal Tire's Best Practices

The on-site tire team will be trained and certified before engaging in on-site work, and certification of staff role competencies is conducted annually.

All tire service engineers are trained on-site in strict tire fitting and safety procedures; they are required to undergo on-going internal and external assessments.

A tire awareness manual is issued to all operators. It can be carried with them daily to identify potential risks to tires on-site. Tire awareness training can also be administered to managers to encourage effective tire management.

Our web-based training system allows every team member to develop new skills at their own pace within a common, structured curriculum.

Normal daily work routines include frequent on-site proficiency training, ‘toolbox’ discussions, and hands-on competency evaluations.

Our on-going investment in the latest interactive technology allows us to constantly share knowledge and exchange best practices between Kal Tire operations worldwide.