Corporate Social Responsibility

At Kal Tire, we recognize our responsibility to our customers and community, to our environment and each other.

Corporate social responsibility cuts across all aspects of our operations. From our main administrative center in Canada to our mining sites around the world, we strive to meet the following social commitments:

  • We are committed to the protection of the environment through incorporating best practices throughout our operations.

  • We are committed to giving back locally by growing healthy and safe communities for families of our customers and team members.

  • We are committed to engaging team members in social responsibility initiatives and continuously looking for opportunities to strengthen the Kal Tire team.

These commitments are expressed in the seven guiding principles, known as the Aims, which are at the heart of Kal Tire culture. Moreover, we work collaboratively with our suppliers and government entities to contribute to the needs of the communities where we live and serve.

It is estimated that the combined efforts of our global operations support close to 300 different community organizations. Our values lie in promoting healthy, active lifestyles; championing safety awareness and education; and assisting youth and families in need.


For us, sustainability is about responsibility and ingenuity—two pillars our company is founded on.


We strive to conduct our business in compliance with environmental laws and regulations and we apply responsible standards where policies do not exist. We respond quickly and systematically to environmental emergencies and incidents, ensuring they are reported and remedial action is taken.

We have also recognized the positive impact we can have by adopting sustainable practices within the company. Our job sites are becoming more energy-efficient and our materials more environmentally sensitive. New buildings and renovations are designed to provincial energy codes.

We are conscious of our impact on the environment and are implementing initiatives to help reduce our carbon footprint. We’ve started by measuring the carbon footprint of our Canadian operations and have focused on reducing our electricity consumption. We’ve also conducted waste audits in some of our facilities to better understand how we can reduce our waste-to-landfill ratio and reduce the carbon emissions associated with waste.


Kal Tire has over 45 years of experience manufacturing quality retreaded tires. Not only does retreading provide economic value, it also makes practical sense for the environment, allowing our clients to get a second life from their tires.

Retreading is the first step in our policy for end-of-life tire stewardship, with significant benefits to the environment:
  • Millions of gallons of oil are saved each year by avoiding new tire production.
  • Carbon emissions produced during retreaded tire production are significantly less than those associated with new tire production.
  • Retreaded tires have one of the highest post-consumer contents of all recycled products.
  • Retreading significantly reduces the number of casings entering landfills as scrap.


Tire Derived Products (TDP)

TDP utilize various sizes of crumb rubber for a wide variety of applications and products, including turf systems, asphalt, and molded rubber goods such as shoe soles, mats, and flooring.

Tire Derived Fuel (TDF)

TDF is utilized worldwide by cement kilns, pulp mills, and power plants. A cleaner, cost-effective alternative to coal, oil, and natural gas, TDF produces more energy than coal while producing fewer pollutants.

Tire Derived Aggregate (TDA)

TDA has been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency for civil engineering applications such as constructing fill, embankments, road insulation, and drainage.

Health, Safety & Governance

Every day, our team members are challenged with physically demanding work in a range of harsh environments throughout many regions and cultures. Safety and the protection of each and every team member isn’t just our priority; it’s the bedrock under everything we do.

Kal Tire's safety practices and procedures have set the standards for tire service in the international mining industry. Our safety committee ensures one set of standards is maintained globally and continually optimized. They conduct regular on-site audits of safe work practices, behavior, and injury management. Our safety procedures are also audited annually by independent occupational safety organizations.

On-site training is key to ensuring our team members are operating under the safest procedures. All team members are also trained through our comprehensive online learning management system and undergo annual reviews.

People are our biggest asset. We offer structured opportunities for advancement, including options to work in different countries with new cultures. Our aim is for all of our employees to have the energy and enthusiasm to contribute to a safe, productive, and upbeat workplace.


ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE Kal Tire is Canada’s largest independent tire dealer with more than 250 stores servicing both retail and commercial customers. Kal Tire’s Mining Tire Group is an international leader in mining tire service and supply, servicing more than 150 mine sites across five continents. The company has warehouse facilities and truck tire retread facilities across Canada, as well as five earthmoving retreading facilities located in Canada, the United Kingdom, West Africa and Chile. The company employs more than 6,500 team members.

OUR BUSINESS In the United Kingdom, Kal Tire operates eight service locations in England, Scotland and Wales, providing tire sales and services to industries such as quarrying, waste and port handling. These are supported by a comprehensive network of satellite hubs to ensure maximum national coverage. Kal Tire UK is also home to a retreading facility that produces premium-quality retreaded tyres of all sizes.

OUR SUPPLY CHAINS Our supply chains primarily include the purchase and distribution of tires and other automotive parts.

ETHICS AND GOVERNANCE Kal Tire has a culture steeped in values, which are defined by the ‘AIMS of the Kal Tire Team’. These AIMS are seven guiding principles that are a guide as to how business will be conducted and provide a foundation from which to work and make decisions. Additionally, the Kal Tire Code of Conduct sets out clear provisions for how Kal Tire conducts business worldwide. It is a reality that we face serious risks related to safety, the environment, human rights, labour standards, bribery, corruption and other unethical behavior. The Code of Conduct has been designed to clearly define Kal Tire’s position on these matters. The Code clearly defines the minimum standards that must be upheld across our company in order to ensure Kal Tire operates ethically.

OUR POLICIES ON SLAVERY AND HUMAN TRAFFICKING Kal Tire has zero tolerance to modern slavery and human trafficking and is committed to ensuring that neither exists in any part of our business or supply chains. The organization will not use forced labour, slavery or unlawful child labour in providing any of its services or products. Nor will it accept services or products from suppliers that employ or utilize forced or unlawful child labour or any form of slavery. Kal Tire expects each of its suppliers to operate their business with integrity and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, including those addressing modern slavery. Violation of laws or suspicion of violation of Kal Tire’s Code of Conduct which, among other things, prohibits forced labour, may result in the termination of our business relationship with a supplier.

TRAINING Training on both the AIMS of the Kal Tire Team and Kal Tire’s Code of Conduct is provided for any new team member joining the company. They are also included in the ‘Team Member Handbook’ which is provided to every new team member. Training has also been provided to all management in regards to Kal Tire’s Code of Conduct to ensure they are familiar with the requirements of the Code of Conduct.

WHISTLEBLOWING The Kal Tire Open Door Line is a safe and anonymous online and phone based reporting system hosted, maintained, and monitored by a trusted third-party provider that can be used to report any violations of the Code of Conduct or the AIMS of the Kal Tire Team. All team members are advised of this channel of communication.

This statement is made pursuant to section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and constitutes our slavery and human trafficking statement for the financial year ending 2018.

OUR APPROACH TO TAX Please click to see our policy on taxation.

OUR HUMAN TRAFFICKING POLICY Please click to see our latest human trafficking policy.