Service Management

Our on-site tire services mesh seamlessly in any industry, affording you peace of mind and quantifiable savings.

Inventory Management & Forecasting

Managing inventory can be a complex balancing act. With decades of experience, we have eliminated the guesswork and perfected our services to a fully integrated system that saves our clients money:

  • Demand Forecasting

    Our comprehensive management systems eliminate shortages, reduce operational costs, and provide proactive budget planning and procurement.

  • Sourcing

    With our global presence and trusted supplier relationships, you’ll always have the part you need, when you need it.

  • Logistics

    We move mining tires around the world every day and can manage inbound operations, order promising, and communication with shippers.

  • Warranty Advice

    We act on behalf of our clients to correctly identify warranty issues and liaise with manufacturers accordingly.

Human Resources

By managing the recruitment and training of all on-site tire personnel, we can ensure that your tires will be maintained by only the best. In addition, we hire, train, and develop personnel directly from your region, so your business continues to develop local ties and give back to the community.

Our HR services are comprehensive and include:
  • Recruitment & hiring of tire personnel
  • Training & development
  • Human resources analysis & workforce data
  • Industrial & employee relations
  • Compensation, rewards, & benefits
  • Performance & conduct
  • Organizational design & development

Service Personnel

Kal Tire can mobilize and manage on-site tire personnel anywhere around the globe.
With leading-edge resources and a collaborative work ethic, we can say with confidence:
“Our people know tire service better than anyone in the world.”

To provide the best level of service for our on-site solutions, we provide experienced site managers to supervise all tire-related activity.

Our site managers:
  • oversee every aspect of tire services provided
  • are accountable for all contracted deliverables
  • meet daily with the site’s operational team to stay in line with a client’s needs and facilitate site-wide efficiencies
  • deploy Kal Tire's global resources to solve problems or improve site operations

Every day, our tire technicians must meet the rigorous demands of large-scale industrial equipment, complicated technical procedures, and rugged work environments. It all starts with training. Using accredited standards, we provide formal training in large-scale tire service, maintenance, and safety for all tire fitters globally. And to honour our service commitment, all Kal Tire repairs are guaranteed.

Equipment & Design

Safety and performance extend far beyond personnel. We design state-of-the-art solutions to handle the largest tires in the world–for any function, on any site. That’s equipment you can trust.

With over 45 years of experience in the field, our knowledge of specialist equipment and efficient tire facility design is unsurpassed. We have constructed earthmover tire facilities worldwide—from tire bays to large-scale factories—with every piece of equipment manufactured to exacting standards. Our goal is to ensure the safest and most efficient methods of large tire handling.

Our equipment and design services include:
Tire Handling Equipment

custom-designed to suit not only your tires, but also your site location and industry-specific demands

Fitting Tools

jacks, large capacity air guns, torque multipliers, air lines, wander leads, gauges, and other tools

Light Vehicle Equipment

equipment and services for all vehicles on site

Portable Service Stations

when permanent tire maintenance facilities are not possible, these portable workshops quickly mobilize to any location on your site

Tire Facility Design

we strive for maximum efficiency and seamless integration within overall site operations

Asset Maintenance

all tools and equipment are kept in top working order for the most demanding jobs on your site