<h2>Expect <strong>more </strong> innovation</h2>

Expect more innovation

Kal Tire invests in tire management innovation because we are committed to improving safety, productivity and value in mining operations. With decades of expertise to leverage, we develop new technology, tools and ways of working that are more efficient and protect our team members from risk. Our proprietary solutions mean trucks spend more time in operations and our team members have safer work environments.

KalPRO: Progressive Innovation

Kal Tire’s proprietary tools and offerings that improve safety, performance and efficiency, and help customers with their productivity and sustainability goals.

Investing in Innovation

We’re always looking for ways to make work around the wheel as safe as possible and help customers improve productivity. That’s why we invest in developing tools that make a real difference every day.

Since 2015, our world-class Innovation Centre has developed award-winning ideas from the field and our exclusive solutions are in use on mine sites across four continents.

Several of our exclusive products are now in use on mine sites across several continents – reducing risks and inspiring new ideas from teams.

To help develop technology and solutions that add value for the mining industry, Kal Tire has formed a research partnership with the School of Engineering at the University of British Columbia Okanagan. This exciting collaboration has allowed us to bring ideas forward as we endeavour to take new technology, tooling and processes to mine sites around the world.

GATR: Gravity Assist Tooling Rig for weightless tool operation

Completely supports the weight of heavy hand tools like torque guns, so technicians can perform tasks with less fatigue, fewer injuries and better workmanship.

WheelJaws: Secure, remote-controlled clamps for safe tire removal

Takes technicians out of harm’s way during the installation and removal of the tire and wheel, using a remote-controlled clamp mechanism to securely hold the assembly in place.

RamDrive: Secures rams for safer bead-breaking

Securely holds the ram so technicians can break the bead during tire removal in a way that’s efficient and eliminates risk.

ValveShield: 100% success rate in preventing valve stem damage

Prevents flying rocks from displacing valve stems, which can cause leaks, tire damage and downtime. Mounted over air valves and with magnetic backing, ValveShield is stable yet easily removed.

PowerFlow: Portable, hydraulic power to operate tools on the go

A remote-controlled system that lets technicians safely operate multiple hydraulic rams and bead breakers using a powerful hydraulic pump.

SpringLock: Safer lock ring installation and removal

Mechanically controlled spring action allows technicians to safely install and remove lock rings without risk of pinched fingers or accidental energy release.

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