<h2>Expect <strong>more</strong> supply expertise</h2>

Expect more supply expertise

Every year, Kal Tire teams manage more than 80,000 tire changes across five continents. As an independent supplier, Kal Tire brings both insight and access to a vast selection of brands and tiers as well as custom retreads. This is how our tire experts recommend the right OTR tires to match your goals, whether it’s improving tire life, operating costs or productivity.

The Best OTR Tires for the Job

Across commodities. Across sizes. Across objectives. Kal Tire ensures you get the tires you need thanks to our strong manufacturer relationships, unique solutions and our large range of stock.

  • 25” OTR tires to 63” ultra-class tires
  • Application-specific custom retreads
  • Tires for all applications and operating environments, including open pit & underground mines, quarries, ports, construction & waste
  • Light vehicle (LV) stock tires


With Kal Tire’s OTR tire retreading, there are no limits. Our specialists explore your site’s conditions to recommend a custom tread pattern, tread depth and rubber compound that will extend tire life, productivity and your investment. In many applications, Kal Tire retreads save 60 per cent or more on tire operating costs. Retreading also helps improve your environmental footprint.

Wheels and Rims

Delivering the highest quality rims is just the start. Our trained maintenance technicians inspect components to identify issues early and our product tracking system helps monitor and plan for wheel replacements across your fleet.

Light Vehicle (LV) Stock Tires

With Kal Tire’s unique solutions for support vehicles on mine sites, your LV tires withstand rugged mine site conditions and avoid in-pit failures.

Mining Tire Accessories

We carry all the components and accessories needed to help keep your tires and wheels performing at their best, including: chains, valves, o-rings, studs, fasteners, clamps, mounting compounds along with tire and wheel conditioners.

Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

Kal Tire technicians are highly skilled at operating a variety of tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS). Our processes use TPMS data to deliver specific actions that extend tire life and eliminate the hazards and production disruptions of pressure and heat-related tire failures. Whatever tire pressure management system your site is using or considering, we supply and integrate these systems with dispatch programs and our tire management software, turning raw data into specific actions with measurable value.

Why choose Kal Tire for OTR tire supply?

Independence and expertise

How do our mining tire experts help you choose the right tires for your environment and your goals?
As independent suppliers with nearly five decades of experience, we lean on powerful analytics and established partnerships with a range of trusted brands.

Kal Tire’s experience and data inform our assessments. That guidance brings you a window into the best products to improve productivity and lower operating costs based your operation’s unique characteristics.

When your tire program is aligned with your goals and your fleet is outfitted in application-specific tires—tires last longer, cost less per hour and your equipment can spend more time hauling.

Preferred vendor relationships

Our tire manufacturers recognize Kal Tire as a strong partner that maximizes the performance of their products. With nearly 50 years in the industry and now servicing nearly 150 mine sites around the world, Kal Tire can lean on our manufacturer relationships to help ensure stock availability and better resolutions when issues arise.

Mining tire recycling and disposal solutions

When tires reach end of life, we continue to support customers with mining tire recycling solutions and disposal services, including a shredding facility in northern Alberta and our new thermal conversion recycling facility in Chile.


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