At Kal Tire’s Mining Tire Group, innovation makes a real difference – answering critical tire management demands by developing proprietary solutions that improve safety, refine practices and overcome challenges. From ideas kickstarted by our teams on the ground, to technologies devised in our Innovation Centre, it’s all to help our teams and customers advance practically, progressively and purposefully.

This is KalPRO: Progressive Innovation

What is KalPRO?

Kal Tire’s proprietary tools and offerings that improve safety, performance and efficiency, and help customers with their productivity and sustainability goals.

What's included in KalPRO?

KalPRO applies to our proprietary offerings, such as the suite of tools developed by our Innovation Centre, along with services and products exclusive to Kal Tire, such as our Maple Program, thermal conversion recycling and Ultra Repair technology.

KalPRO Offerings

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