Expect more responsibility

Enriching lives and mining operations is part of who we are. Driven by our deep-rooted value of influencing positive change, we recognize our responsibility to the safety and development of our teams, the prosperity of our customers, the well-being of our communities, and the health of the environment. We strive to make a difference in every way we can.

People & Safety

With an architecture of safety and an industry-leading training program, we develop skilled professionals trained to the highest standards and committed to our goal of zero harm.


Our Innovation Centre is where we bring new mining tire management tools to life to protect technicians from risk, and improve efficiency and productivity.

Community & Environment

Fulfilling our commitment to affect positive change, we’re leading the way with recycling and retreading solutions, and we’re helping communities thrive.

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Learn more about our unique approach to our people and safety, the environment and our corporate social responsibility projects.