Our customers and teams are engaged in our approach to sustainability and social responsibility because they know what it means for the road ahead. It means kids in neighbouring communities have access to schools and food. It means the tires we manage stay on the road longer or get recycled in a whole new way to support a circular economy. And it means we get to make meaningful contributions to our environment and in the communities we serve.

What drives Kal Tire to give back?

More than two decades ago, Kal Tire defined the AIMS—seven guiding principles that guide our more than 6,500 team members around the world. AIM 7 in particular inspires us as we strive to make an impact in sustainability and social responsibility.

7. Our aim is to continually improve every aspect of our company, recognizing our responsibility to our customers, each other, our communities and the environment.

Over the years, fulfilling this commitment has taken us to schools and soccer fields in disadvantaged areas as well as engineers’ drawing boards and distant manufacturers.

From supplying meals and eyeglasses to school children in need to promoting local training and employment opportunities, we are always considering how we can foster learning, advancement and wellbeing in the communities we serve.

Because we also believe it’s our responsibility to look for better ways of doing our work, we have become leaders in tire renewal and recycling technology that paves the way for responsible tire management and meeting carbon footprint targets.


To help customers overcome one of their biggest environmental challenges—scrap tires—and provide a recycling a solution that does more than tire shredding, we developed a state-of-the-art thermal conversion recycling facility. By converting tire materials back to their original components, together, we have an opportunity to create a circular economy.

Retreading: Track Your Emissions Savings

Using advanced technology and our expertise to design the ideal tread pattern, depth & rubber compound, we bring you application-specific retreads that give premium tires a second life and the chance to deliver optimum performance. Now, through our Maple Program carbon calculator, you can use the proven carbon emission and fuel savings of retreading in your own reporting.

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