<h2>Expect <strong>more</strong> innovation</h2>

Expect more innovation

Kal Tire invests in tire management innovation because we are committed to improving safety, productivity and value in mining operations. With decades of expertise to leverage, we develop new technology, tools and ways of working that are more efficient and protect our team members from risk. Our proprietary solutions mean trucks spend more time in operation and team members can return home safely.

Investing in Innovation

Kal Tire’s investment in innovation focuses on practical solutions that make front-line technicians’ safer, and, at the same time, bring productivity gains to our customers.

In 2015, Kal Tire opened The Innovation Centre in British Columbia, western Canada, to give our research and development team a dedicated space to build and simulate the use of new tools that would change how we can help improve vehicle availability and how our on-site technicians perform some of their most strenuous tasks. Innovation ideas come from our front-line technicians and we leverage operations feedback to mould and launch solutions that are as effective as they are practical.

Several of our exclusive products, some of which are patented, are now in use on mine sites around the world—reducing risks and inspiring new ideas from our teams.

To help develop technology and solutions that add value for the mining industry, Kal Tire’s Mining Tire Group formed a research partnership with the School of Engineering at the University of British Columbia Okanagan. This exciting collaboration has allowed us to bring ideas forward as we endeavour to take new technology, tooling and processes to mine sites around the world.

Rapid Deflator

Earning customer recognition for the gains it brings in truck productivity, the Rapid Deflator reduces the time it takes to deflate ultra-class tires from 30 minutes to a mere 15 minutes. With remote positioning, the Rapid Deflator also improves technician safety.

Air Valve Protector

The Air Valve Protector helps open pit mines avoid leaks and vehicle downtime by preventing rocks from displacing loader truck air valve stems. The protector is mounted and installed over the air valve stem, and its magnetic backing provides stability and flexibility.

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