At Kal Tire, we believe growing your fleet with our sustainable tire solutions should help you achieve your goals for performance, total cost of ownership and ESG. We also know it’s important to be able to demonstrate your Scope 3 emissions reductions, and we want to do our part to inspire a greener future. That’s why we developed a third-party accredited carbon calculator and our Maple Program – to quantify and reward you for the oil and carbon emissions you save by using our retread, Ultra Tread™ and Ultra Repair™ services.

Prove your environmental savings

Accredited and certified by SCS Global Services, an international leader in third-party environmental certification, our carbon calculator shares:

  • oil and emissions saved in raw material consumption
  • oil and emissions saved in production energy during the retreading process compared to the production of a new tire

The Maple Program uses that data to recognize customers’ carbon savings. Annually or monthly, customers receive an accredited certificate with one to five maple leaves depending on carbon savings achieved.

Mining data to help you make a difference

In some regions, customers are mandated to reduce their carbon footprint. We knew it would be important for customers to gain process data they could use to demonstrate their efforts across every tire size at every retread and repair facility. That’s why, as part of our carbon calculator research, we analyzed more than 125,000 Kal Tire production records spanning 20 years.

The Benefits to You

When we launched the Maple Program in 2019, we were inspired by retreading customers making an impact. The Maple Program has grown to include Ultra Repair and Ultra Tread – and the benefits of our tire life solutions are many.

Reduce total cost of ownership

Retreading, Ultra Repair and Ultra Tread are a cost-effective alternative to buying new tires, giving like-new performance and safety.

Prolong tire life

Where single-use tires go from the road to the scrap pile, premium tires can be retreaded or repaired — extending tire life by hundreds of hours.

Reach your ESG targets and reduce scrap

Giving your tires a second life reduces your carbon footprint compared to buying new because we use fewer raw materials and energy in our sustainable tire solutions. Putting tires back into production also saves tires from being sent to scrap piles, and less use of new tires means fewer tires are going to scrap piles overall.

Access reliable tire supply to keep your fleet moving

At a time of fluctuation in supply chains, our tire life solutions offer tire supply and pricing you can count on.

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Learn more about how our Maple Program and carbon calculator can help your operation prove your carbon reduction efforts and keep tires out of the waste stream.