Send Tires Back Into Production

Kal Tire repairs and Ultra Repairs help you keep your fleet running and reach your tire savings goals. Our award-winning and exclusive Ultra Repair™ technology turns would-be scrap tires into like-new performers, and our standard repairs improve uptime through planned, preventative maintenance. With world-class facilities, industry-leading training and exacting standards, Kal Tire delivers quality you can trust.

Extend tire life by thousands of hours

Developed over 15 years by our mining tire experts in Canada, Ultra Repair restores an ultra-class tire’s original strength and integrity, giving it like-new performance and safety, even in extreme conditions.

Take on injuries once beyond repair

Where conventional repairs are limited by the size and position of an injury, Ultra Repair pushes the boundary of mining tire repairs—even on ultra-class tires.

Ultra Repair is effective on:

  • Large injuries
  • Injuries to tread, shoulder & sidewall near the bead
  • Tire sizes 25-63”

Available at 12 Kal Tire repair centres in Australia, Canada, Chile, Ghana and the UK.


Day in and day out, mining tires face significant stresses. Damage on site is inevitable, but you can save a lot of rubber—and uptime—with repairs.

Across commodities and conditions, our tire management teams focus on preventative repairs and planned maintenance to keep productivity at the forefront. Kal Tire’s third-party REMA Tip Top certification also reinforces customers’ confidence in our repair process.

Improve Uptime

On-site technicians are alerted to damage early on during inspections, and can then plan repairs on a schedule that reduces downtime.

Enjoy lasting performance

As an independent supplier servicing a vast selection of tires, our technicians are exceptionally skilled at repairing various brands and models.

Access repairs at remote mines

We can perform life-saving repairs to your tires with the capability to mobilize on-site repair shops.

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