<h2>Expect <strong>more</strong> sustainability</h2>

Expect more sustainability

At a time when mines, quarries and waste sites are keen to reduce their environmental footprint and meet ESG goals, Kal Tire has invested in and developed solutions to help customers fulfill their commitments.


When mining tires reach end of life, our work only continues. Our new thermal conversion process solves the enormous challenge of scrap tire disposal in a way that contributes to a circular economy, and our shredding solution brings mines an environmentally friendly alternative to scrapping.

Retreads & Repairs

Retreads, Ultra Treads, repairs and Ultra Repairs give you the chance to extend tire life by hundreds and even thousands of hours—keeping tires on the road and diverting scrap. With six world-class facilities on five continents using the latest technology and now robotics, Kal Tire continues to invest in solutions to help reduce your carbon footprint and total cost of ownership.

Maple Program

Kal Tire’s Maple Program and verified carbon calculator give you a way to track and promote the oil and carbon emissions you save with our tire life solutions.

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