<h2>Expect <strong>more</strong> tire life</h2>

Expect more tire life

As your mining tire management partner, it’s our responsibility to invest in solutions that extend the life of your tires. That’s why continuous innovation and training are always at work on-site and at our world-class repair and retread facilities. Every tire we keep on the road and out of scrap helps you achieve targets for productivity and sustainability.

Retreading saves costs and scrap

Kal Tire’s retreads and Ultra Treads are the evolution of nearly 50 years of mining tire retreading innovation. Our six international facilities bring you an exceptional range of application-specific retreads designed to perform like new. Now with quantifiable environmental savings and benefits.

Pushing the boundaries of repairs

Whatever the tire size, whatever the injury, whatever conditions you’re up against, Kal Tire’s repairs and Ultra Repairs help you win by sending tires back into production. With 10 international repair facilities and on-site repair shops, we help you make the most of your tire investment with safe and lasting tire performance.

Why retread and repair with Kal Tire?


Our newest retread and repair facility in Mexico uses robotics to customize even the most technical tread patterns for tires that stand up to extreme conditions.

Maple Program

Through our new Maple Program, Kal Tire recognizes your environmental achievements with every tire you retread. Our third-party verified carbon calculator lets you quantify the fuel and carbon emissions saved in the retreading process so you can do your part and promote your commitment.

Quality Assurance

Every tire we retread or repair is an opportunity to demonstrate our exceptional quality standards. With industry-leading international training systems and third-party quality accreditation from REMA Tip Top, customers are assured they’ll experience the same Kal Tire Standard on every site.

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