<h2>Expect <strong>more</strong> tire life</h2>

Expect more tire life

To help mines realize their goals for productivity, tire performance and tire spend, Kal Tire offers solutions such as retreading, Ultra Tread™ and Ultra Repair™. These offerings give premium mining tires a second or even third life – allowing sites to benefit from the performance of new tires at a fraction of the cost.

Retreading saves costs and scrap

By giving premium tires a second or even third life, customers benefit from sustainability and like-new performance at a fraction of the cost. Retreading users 70% fewer CO2 emissions than equivalent new tires and delivers 31% lower cost per hour than premium new tires (average).

Pushing the boundaries of repairs

If a tire has a large injury to any area with less effect on cables, the patch and process used for conventional repairs can effectively extend tire life. Conventional repairs keep tires in production, reducing tire spend while adding thousands of dollars of value per tire – as well as reducing carbon emissions and diverting scrap.

Why retread and repair with Kal Tire?


Our newest retread and repair facility in Mexico uses robotics to customize even the most technical tread patterns for tires that stand up to extreme conditions.

Maple Program

Through our new Maple Program, Kal Tire recognizes your environmental achievements with every tire you retread. Our third-party verified carbon calculator lets you receive actual and accredited data about the emissions savings of choosing a retread or repair solution.

Quality Assurance

Every tire we retread or repair is an opportunity to demonstrate our exceptional quality standards. With industry-leading international training systems and third-party quality accreditation from REMA Tip Top, customers are assured they’ll experience the same Kal Tire Standard on every site.

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