<h2>Expect <strong>more</strong> safety</h2>

Expect more safety

At Kal Tire, we strive to make our work safer in every way possible. That’s why we’ve developed an architecture of safety that extends to everything we do. As experts within our industry, we believe tire work is a specialized trade that requires specialized equipment and training. We take pride in the tooling innovations we have developed as well as our industry-recognized Learning Management System. Guided by deep-rooted values and working with likeminded mining partners, we are proudly making a difference.

Journey to Zero

Journey to Zero is Kal Tire’s commitment to pursue the highest achievable standards in safety. Around the world, our teams start their day ready to bring our Journey to Zero to life so all team members, customers and guests can return home safely.

Journey to Zero is about our culture and mindset. It is about each and every team member having the ability to work in a safe environment and, in turn, being responsible for our own safety as well as the safety of our team members and our customers around us.

Learning Management System (LMS)

We train industry professionals to the Kal Tire Standard using our industry-leading Learning Management System (LMS). Kal Tire’s LMS features:

  • More than 300 online safety and technical training modules
  • Modules available in multiple languages
  • Ability to track and support team member training status and advancement
  • Pictorial safe work instruction for all critical tire tooling
  • Pictorial safe work procedures, specific to equipment and job type
  • Ability to instantly communicate procedural updates and evolving standards to teams around the world.

Our Approach to People & Safety

The Kal Tire Way

The Kal Tire Way

To deliver on our promise of working safely, consistently and with best practices on sites and facilities around the world, we train and certify technicians to our international standard, The Kal Tire Way.

The Kal Tire Way training and certification program includes:

  • Kal Tire accredited mentors delivering hands on quality instruction
  • Kal Tire accredited assessors conducting in-field competency evaluations to ensure tasks are being performed safely, and to the Kal Tire standard
  • More than 300 online training modules support team members development

Safety Leadership

Safety Leadership

We know that the quality and level of engagement of our leaders has a direct impact on our safety performance. This is why we hold our leadership teams accountable to perform daily safety meetings, field level risk assessment, toolbox talks, hazard assessments, site safety walkthroughs, and task observations. These are just a few tools and activities used to establish and maintain the Kal Tire culture of safety and to keep safety awareness top of mind each and every day.

Demonstrated Learning

Demonstrated Learning

Over a 27-month period, tire technicians progress through our in-house training program and complete nearly 300 course modules, demonstrating both technical learning and hands-on competency.

Hands-on field demonstration of required skills is used to assess and document each team member’s ability to perform specific activities safely and to the Kal Tire Standard.

Our in-house training program draws on nearly five decades of experience and our work serving more than 150 mine sites across five continents.



We meet ISO 9901:2000 standards at retread and repair facilities in the UK, Chile and Colombia, reinforcing customer confidence in the high standards of Kal Tire’s process and products. A number of our repair operations, including in South Africa, Australia and Colombia, have also been certified by REMA TIP TOP, demonstrating our commitment to the highest standards of quality.

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