<h2>Expect <strong>more</strong> uptime</h2>

Expect more uptime

Equipment availability is critical to your business, and your fleet needs are unique.  That’s why we focus on proactive planning with an eye on uptime at every touchpoint: inspections, pressure checks, maintenance planning and inventory management.  With a strong strategy—and the innovation, tooling and highly trained people—to safely and consistently execute to standard, we help you reach your targets for tire performance and fleet availability.

Tire Management focused on your goals

A successful custom tire management program requires safety, expertise and planning that aligns with your goals. Our approach is driven by understanding your site’s challenges and objectives, and collaborating to provide tailored, planned maintenance and tire management solutions. With nearly 50 years of experience and thousands of team members serving more than 150 sites across five continents, we bring global best practices and consistency to your operation.

Proactive Tire Maintenance

Leveraging our Tire Operations & Management System (TOMS), we prioritize tire maintenance activities and then coordinate with our customers to schedule tire work at opportune times to maximize fleet availability. Our proven tire rotation strategies and repair services help lower tire costs and keep equipment moving.

Inspection and Air Pressure Maintenance

Expert technicians work to ensure optimum tire pressure for optimum equipment performance. Inspection teams identify any issues to tires and tire-related assets to improve tire life, costs and productivity and uptime.

Inventory Management and Forecasting

Having the right tires when you need them is critical to your operation. With your objectives in mind, we work with you to establish and maintain optimum tire and tire-related inventory levels that meet your targets for tire supply and budgetary spending.

Rim Management

Rim and wheel components are critical elements of tire safety and overall performance. We provide professional inspections, maintenance and re-certifications to help ensure your rims and wheels are performing at their best.

Why Kal Tire?

As a customer of Kal Tire, our highly skilled and equipped teams help you reach goals across all drivers: productivity, costs, safety and sustainability.

Safety & Training Standards

Our tire technicians are trained and certified according to our international standard, The Kal Tire Way, and they perform their duties using the latest procedures in tire fitting and safety. To share knowledge and best practices among Kal Tire operations worldwide, we employ a web-based Learning Management System (LMS) containing more than 300 course modules all in multiple languages. As standards evolve, the LMS gives us the ability to instantly communicate changes to our team members around the globe. Our custom mentor and assessor-based training program incorporates both internal and external competency assessments to ensure safety, consistency and efficiency in our process worldwide.

Data to Drive Decisions

Our proprietary Tire Operations Management System (TOMS)focuses on predictive maintenance, tire performance and uptime in a whole new way with near real-time access to data and benchmarking capabilities. Now, customers can make informed decisions when scheduling maintenance work.


Ability to Mobilize Quickly

With established operations across five continents and more than 2,700 team members providing mining tire services and management, we have the international presence, experience, resources and expertise to mobilize quickly and service our customers’ needs wherever their business may take them.


As mines look for ways to reduce environmental footprints, Kal Tire brings sustainable solutions to reduce scrap, carbon emissions and waste—and keep tires on the road for longer with retreading and repairs.


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