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Kal Tire’s retreads and Ultra Treads give premium mining tires a second or even third life—allowing your site to enjoy all the performance of new tires at a fraction of the cost. Retreading also helps you achieve environmental targets and recognition through our unique Maple Program.

Retreading Reduces Emissions & Oil Use

Choosing four 26.5R25 premium Kal Tire retreads would save more than 8,100 kilograms of carbon emissions and 740 litres of oil. That’s because the retreading process uses fewer raw materials and less production energy compared to manufacturing a new tire.

Total carbon saved by retreading four 26.5R25 tires would be the equivalent of carbon emissions from:

  • An average household powered for a year
  • A CAT777 haul truck to operating for 50 hours
  • An average family car driven for more than 30,000 km

Now, through our Maple Program and carbon calculator, you can use these accredited fuel and production emissions savings in your own environmental reporting. This is just one of the ways Kal Tire is actively working to help mining companies meet sustainability goals.


Ideal treads for lasting performance

The robot technology in use at our Mexico retread facility allows us to bring your site a greater range of application-specific treads. Technical tread patterns applied with robotics deliver:

  • Heat-dispersion patterns so tires can perform to standard in high temperatures
  • Optimal performance to suit combinations of high-stress conditions, including heat, wet, rocks, debris and overloading
  • Efficiency and safety as the robot takes care of switching tools as it switches tread patterns

Ultra Tread™ Adds Thousands of Hours to Front Tires

Ultra Tread™ Adds Thousands of Hours to Front Tires

With retreading, a tire is retreaded after a full life in the front and rear position. With Ultra Tread, the tire is removed and Ultra Tread is applied after the tire has achieved a nominal amount of hours in the front position—restoring worn rubber while the casing’s integrity is even stronger and returning to the front position.

Ultra Tread tires can return to your machine as-new—significantly increasing tire life and keeping casings out of scrap piles. Thanks to new treading technology, Kal Tire can create any tread pattern to suit site-specific conditions and add even more value.

Ultra Tread can be:

  • Performed on all tires up to 63”
  • Planned to coincide with maintenance, and returned to operation faster than traditional retreading
  • Applied multiple times to the same tire

Maple Program

The environmental value of our retread product and process is significant. Using data from our third-party verified carbon calculator, our Maple Program lets you prove and gain recognition for the carbon emissions and oil usage saved by retreading.


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