<h2>Expect <strong>more</strong> results</h2>

Expect more results

At Kal Tire, we are committed to technical service that aligns with your goals and delivers measurable value at every step. By collaborating on a strategy that includes service delivery, performance tracking, analysis and reporting, we manage results and ensure our activities always focus on your targets. The goal we bring to every site is to safely maximize performance while minimizing your total cost of tire ownership.


With Kal Tire’s site studies, we identify opportunities to make a positive impact on tire performance, fleet productivity and safety. Using the technology of our accelerometer studies, we can map haul roads, speeds forces and video footage integrated into findings becomes a powerful tool to guide your maintenance and operations teams.


A critical step in maximizing tire performance is ensuring fleet loads, speeds and tire inflation levels meet manufacturer specifications. Weight studies verify loads being carried on-site so we can report on indicators and identify opportunities for improvement.

Weight studies validate data for a range of topics, including:

  • New truck carrying capacity
  • Material density confirmation
  • EVW and GVW by truck, box configuration and material type
  • Load distribution by axle and position
  • Annual brake test weight control
  • Adherence to truck manufacturers’ 10/10/20 rules

Our scales are self-contained, portable and capable of accurately weighing the heaviest haulage trucks. Scales are regularly maintained and calibrated to ensure accuracy. With each study, we provide summary reporting, observations and recommendations.



With even weight distribution and optimized loads, haul trucks see reduced spillage and improved tire performance. Using advanced 3D technology, our volumetric scanning provides data on:

  • Load distribution
  • Fragmentation
  • Carry back material on empty trucks

Volumetric scanning is often performed along with weight studies for best results, but can be provided as a standalone service. Each scan includes summary reporting, observations and recommendations.



Are your tires performing their best? Is your fleet outfitted with the best tires for your application? Kal Tire is able to benchmark data collected on-site against similar operations to evaluate tire performance and allow customers to make informed tire buying decisions.

Using data collected by our Tire Operations Management System (TOMS) in use at more than 100 mine sites around the world, Kal Tire provides analysis according to:

  • Region
  • Surface, underground or quarry
  • Truck class
  • Tire size
  • Manufacturer

Authorized Kal Tire team members ensure strict control of TOMS data sharing and confidentiality.



Kal Tire technicians use Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) data to monitor the temperature and pressure of operating tires, enabling proactive tire management when issues arise. Monitoring TPMS data to ensure tires are operating within the manufacturer’s recommendations helps eliminate premature tire failure and enhance tire performance while reducing downtime and total cost of ownership.

Kal Tire has the expertise to help you evaluate and select a TPMS to suit your mine site’s needs. We have worked extensively with all major TPMS brands and can provide an unbiased recommendation.



Make decisions and see the big picture with meaningful data that’s easy to understand.

Maintenance and management reports

  • Daily, weekly and monthly Our KPI reporting ensures tire maintenance activity aligns with your service agreement and goals. Reports also inform recommendations to improve tire performance.
  • Near-live data through (TOMS), the first-of-its-kind tire management system focused on work orders and planned maintenance. A common language describes equipment, processes and codes, and accessible KPI reporting ensures tire maintenance activity aligns with your service agreement and goals.

Technical studies reports

  • Site Severity Studies
  • Weight Scale & Volumetric Scanning
  • TOMS data analytics

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